Zachary Barrows was born at an early age, Zach started playing trombone before he could walk. On his fourth birthday he started the tradition of performing a Bordogni before he would blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He continued playing through elementary and middle school only stopping once when he accidentally dropped his horn into Cresent Lake! The scream could be heard throughout the Cresent Lake community and the people still talk about the day they heard the scream. Currently, Zach is a junior in the music education program at UO.


Zoe Brewer is from the heavily wooded and forgotten town of Brightwood Oregon, Zoe was born into the family business of Sasquatch sightings. From an early age Zoe hiked through vast portions the Mt. Hood National Forest with her family, on the lookout for any sign of Sasquatch. It was a dark, rainy day when she first heard the unusual sound while hiking in the woods. Drawn to the sound, she followed it deep into the woods until it stopped. It was then when she noticed a trombone resting on a moss covered log. Who left this here? Was it the Sasquatch? She picked up the instrument and has been working to play it ever since in hopes of luring the beast out of hiding. Currently Zoe is a music education major at UO while finishing her book, “The Sasquatch plays trombone; my time in the deep forest playing long tones.”

IMG_6690.jpgTrevor Davison is in his third year at the University of Oregon and is majoring in bass trombone performance. Originally from Salem, Oregon, Trevor has lived in Salem his whole life. Trevor started playing tenor trombone in 5th grade, then later switched to bass trombone in high school. In ensembles Trevor enjoyed the lower register more and has played the bass trombone ever since.


Jocelyn Edgar, was born and raised in the Colorado mountains. Her early years consisted of throwing plastic sippy cups at her older siblings, much to everyone’s dismay except her own. At the ripe old age of 9, a mysterious hooded figure handed her an oversized slide whistle, sealing her fate forevermore. She has been trying to fully understand the trombone ever since. She is still trying. Jocelyn has had the opportunity to participate in a myriad of festivals and honor ensembles throughout high school, including Colorado All State bands, All State jazz bands, All State orchestras, and others across the state. She has also performed in national festivals and national honor bands. She has had the opportunity to perform in pit orchestras, pep bands, trombone choirs, big bands, combo groups, brass bands, and various small ensembles for much of her playing career. In addition, she enjoys exploring music and instruments from cultures around the world. Jocelyn is currently a junior in the music education program at UO. In her free time, she enjoys scouring the internet for obscure memes, exploring the frontiers of power napping, and completing an unhealthy amount of jigsaw puzzles and books.

Headshot8.James Kuzmic is a second year Master’s students at UO in Multiple Brass Performance. He hails from Allenton Wisconsin and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Alongside playing bass trombone, James is often seen practicing and performing on tuba and euphonium. As an active soloist, James has performed many solo and chamber recitals all across Central Wisconsin, and has played in front of many ensembles, such as the UWSP Low Brass Choir and Hartford City band. James’s passion for music stretches across many genres, instruments, and area’s of music. He has played in top Wind Ensembles, Jazz Ensembles, Orchestras, Pit Orchestras, and is the founder and executive director of the Northwoods Brass. Alongside his extensive performance schedule James spends a lot of his time composing and conducting. Ha has conducted and premiered several compositions with ensembles on and off campus, including a full band symphony entitled Beyond the Skies.

IMG_0213Noah Ochander is a junior trombone performance major at the UO. Originally from Michigan, Noah spent his high school years in Bend, Oregon at Summit High School. He switched to trombone from alto saxophone after his freshman year, and really found his passion in the instrument. While he loves performing all kinds of music, Noah really found his love in orchestral/classical trombone. During his high school career, Noah got the opportunity to perform with a wide variety of ensembles, including the All-Northwest Band, the Oregon All-State Wind Ensemble, and the Central Oregon Community College Big Band. He also won two 5A Band State Championships with Summit High School’s Wind Ensemble, and participated in two OSAA State Solo and Ensemble Competitions. When Noah isn’t practicing or thinking about music- which is quite rare- he loves to hike, paddle board, watch movies, and play basketball.

PROFILEGerrod Peck is a second-year master’s student at UO in Trombone performance. He is originally from Walla Walla Washington and has a degrees in Music Education and Trombone performance from the University of Idaho where he studied with Alan Gemberling. When he was in middle school, his band director offered $50 to anyone who would play trombone for the year. Gerrod thought that the trombone would be easy because it didn’t have any buttons, he learned quite quickly that he’d never been so wrong. While in Moscow he performed with the UI’s top Wind Ensemble, Jazz band I, Palouse Brass and Blake House Brass, an undergraduate brass quintet which was founded to cultivate a culture of chamber music at the University. During his final two years at UI, Gerrod began taking conducting lessons and started a large brass ensemble to explore this newfound passion. In his free time Gerrod enjoys hiking, video games, tennis and playing with his two cats Wynri and Zuko.

IMG_4210Jacob Raffee began the trombone in the 5th grade. Since then he has played in everything from youth orchestras to ska bands, including a multidure of jazz bands and pit orchestras. Currently, Jacob is studying music at the UO and is planning on getting his bachelors degree in Trombone Performance. When he’s not playing the most beautiful of all instruments, Jacob can be found listening to music, reading, or scouring the internet for the most enjoyable memes.