Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto Performs Recital & Master Class at UO/OSU

October 27th, 2019 Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto, principal trombone of the Seattle Symphony performed a recital and master class at UO and OSU. This was made possible through a collaboration between OSU’s trombone Professor, Carson Keeble and UO’s trombone Professor, Henry Henniger. Ko-Ichiro is highly regarded as the foremost Japanese trombonist of his generation and is the newest member of the renowned Center City Brass Quintet. The performance was inspirational and Ko-ichiro’s accompanist, Chiao-Wen Cheng was equally as impressive. The following day, October 28th was the master class, hosted at OSU. Many great topics and ideas were discussed and all of the students performed well for Ko-Ichiro