Keep your eye on the prize!

The UO Trombone Studio is preparing for an in-house studio audition taking place over the next two weeks. The winner of the audition will become the new owner of this beloved, inflatable boat! The boat was a donation by Michael Grose, Professor of Tuba and Undergraduate Dean at UO. “The boat is slightly dirty, and has a small leak but ultimately sea ready,” said Professor Grose.

For the audition the trombone studio is split into two groups; performers and judges. While half the studio performs, the other half act as judge. The following week they trade roles. The audition itself is blind and contains five of the most common excerpts for both bass and tenor trombone. Check back here to see the results and pictures of the competition winner.

Pictured above: Studio Member, Alan Wood giving his best “Lewis & Clark” pose along with Prof. Grose, “looking tough with oars.”